Choosing the Right Imaging Desks to Keep Your Department Happy

Posted by Mike Graham on Aug 9, 2023 7:22:58 AM



Choosing the right manufacturer for your radiology imaging desks involves many factors, including cost, warranty, ROI, ergonomics, durability, ease of use, and IT considerations such as managing cables and swapping out equipment. Given all the issues involved, it’s important to include all stakeholders in the decision making. In fact, if you don’t, you can not only offend a colleague but make a mistake and end up hearing “I could have told you” from those excluded.

Essential Stakeholders

When selecting new imaging desks, include the following stakeholders from the start of the process.

  • Radiologists and Radiology Technicians: Input from the people who actually use the desks—often spending long hours at desks shared among shifts—is essential to the decision-making process.
  • IT Personnel: PACS administrators, IT personnel, and biomedical engineers spend a significant amount of time maintaining the imaging desks, so their input is also important. They understand the size and weight of CPUs, monitors, and other equipment and likely have an eye towards technology upgrades as well.
  • Radiation Safety Officers: These safety officers are responsible for ensuring that the radiology department complies with all radiation safety regulations. They can provide valuable input on the ergonomic features of imaging desks that can help reduce radiation exposure to staff.
  • Ergonomists: Ergonomic professionals ensure the desks accommodate radiologists of all sizes, sitting or standing, from the shortest to the tallest in the ANSI/HFES 100-2007 Human Factors Engineering of Computer Workstations.
  • Department Managers: The department managers are responsible for the overall operations of the radiology department. They, along with CIOs and CFOs, need to consider the cost of the imaging desks as well as the needs of the radiologists, technicians, and other staff.
  • Hospital Administration: In some cases, the decision-making process may involve other stakeholders, such as the purchasing department and the occupational health and safety department.

What to Look For

When selecting imaging desks, stakeholders need to consider features and services such as:

  • Radiology Needs: The desks need to be comfortable and supportive for the users—radiologists and radiology technicians—and they need to be able to accommodate the different tasks that are performed at the workstations.
  •  Cost: The cost of the desks is a major factor in the decision-making process. The department managers need to balance the cost of the desks with the needs of the users and the requirements of radiation safety regulations. Manufacturers should have pricing on their website. You can learn about the Xybix price ranges below:


  • Features: The desks need features that promote good ergonomics, such as a sit-to-stand desk with two tiers that allow for independent height adjustments of the keyboard and monitor surfaces.
  •  Warranty and Maintenance: To keep the center running at maximum productivity, review the warranty, customer service, and maintenance details for the desks. Look for a warranty that covers parts and labor, provides 24/7/365 customer service, and an 800 number for easy access. A manufacturer that is proud of its warranty and service will provide details online.

For your convenience, Xybix provides a complete comparison chart of all the features and services available from the major imaging desk manufacturers.

To see where Xybix stands out, watch the video below:

How Input Makes All Stakeholders Happy

A transparent and inclusive selection process prevents conflict and resentment while building buy-in and support from all stakeholders. Radiologists get the features they need for interpreting images, IT appreciates the ease of maintenance, and finance approves of the cost. Plus, you may find a surprise or two, such as the smart console features, lighting, personal climate controls, and more offered by Xybix. Many a user is more thrilled by the hand warmer than the ergonomic advantages!

As you start your imaging desk search, this handy checklist can help you keep on track. Good luck—and feel free to reach out any time. We’re here to help!


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