Brown County 911 Shares the Difference a Desk Makes

Posted by Doug Herman on Dec 20, 2023 7:23:02 AM


Brown County 911 Shares the Difference a Desk Makes

Xybix recently helped Brown County Public Safety Communications team replace its decades-old furniture with modern ergonomic consoles sporting innovative features such as app-controlled personalized lighting and climate controls along with under-desk exercise equipment.

The Public Safety team serves the nearly 270,000 citizens of Brown County, Wisconsin, from the county seat in Green Bay. There, the team handles an average of 363,872 calls per year, dispatching from 30 difference police, fire, and rescue agencies as needed. Because team members work 10- to 12-hour shifts, they appreciate the comfort and conveniences of their new Xybix consoles.

In the following videos, dispatchers share their thoughts on their new desks—but viewers are likely to be equally captivated by the images of the modernized center with its impressive screens and monitor arrays.

Features Designed for Dispatchers

“I definitely think that the equipment helps make our jobs easier—from the screen setup with the six monitors to the adjustable height and the USB charging at the bottom,” says Keegan, a lead telecommunicator with six years’ experience. She also enjoys the lighting options controlled by the “user-friendly app.”

Jenny, a dispatcher for 17 years, has visited many centers and believes their remodeled center is “the nicest as far as setup and equipment.” She specifically likes how the sit-to-stand flexibility helps improve posture and how the sloped desk edge ensures comfort over long shifts.

Caroline, a dispatcher with three years’ experience, calls out the “incredible mood lighting” and the efficiency of the Axys app for controlling all the desk features.

Xybix Service and Accessories

As part of the remodel, an experienced Xybix designer helped Assistant Directory Amy Shannon create a new layout for the center. In the new space, call takers are on one half and dispatchers on the other, reducing overall noise while encouraging communication between the two groups. Dispatchers were involved in both the color selection for the consoles along with the under-desk stationary bikes and treadmills.

Xybix is honored to make a difference for such a committed team, the self-described “first first responders,” who help people “calling on the worst day of their life.” See Brown County Public Safety in action here.

If your dispatch center is ready for a refresh, reach out to Xybix today. Our experienced sales people, designers, engineers, and installers will make it easy for you every step of the way—and delight you with highly comfortable and functional desks.

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