Trevor Parson

Trevor graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture in 2018. He then moved on to work for a residential design-build firm, taking on various roles from design to project management. Xybix became the right fit for Trevor as he had an interest in user-oriented design along with BIM management. In his free time Trevor enjoys food blogging and has many fans who keep up with his weekly Taco Tuesday posts.

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Boost Morale with a Mini-Makeover

Posted by Trevor Parson on Mar 15, 2021 1:56:43 PM



Pop quiz: What are McDonald’s colors? Red and yellow. Two colors that just happen to increase appetite. Plus, yellow makes us happy. What franchisee doesn’t want hungry and happy humans ready to order up Big Macs and Happy Meals? Like Mickey D’s, we all can benefit from applying a little color psychology to our surroundings.

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Topics: Employee Health, Ergonomics, Fun & Morale