Answers to Radiologists Top 10 Questions about Imaging Desks

Posted by Ken Carson on Jul 26, 2021 7:49:32 AM



We didn’t design our imaging desks in a vacuum here at Xybix. We visited reading rooms, checked out the equipment and talked to radiologists to learn about must-have, nice-to-have and simply delightful features. Then we designed those features into our imaging desks while providing a few cool touches of our own. Did we cover all the bases? We think so, and we tell you all about it in a series of 1-minute videos that provide answers to common questions.

  1. In my hospital, we just sit at whatever imaging desk is available—and “we” are all shapes and sizes. Will the desk height adjust to employees of any height, sitting or standing?
  1. Do you know how much a Barco weighs? Can a height-adjustable desk really handle the weight and size of radiology monitors?
  1. Will the cable between the CPU and monitor get stretched too far when the desk raises and lowers? Stretching the cable can harm the monitor resolution and invalidate the warranty.
  1. Sometimes it looks like Medusa has taken up residence behind our desks. How are the cables managed for all the equipment?
  1. I might need to pull a monitor close to really inspect a scan, and then put all those monitors back to the right focal depth—meaning the right focal depth for me. How easy is that?
  1. I’m hot all day, which makes me cranky. My coworker is so cold that her hands hurt. What can we do?
  1. The reading room is dim—as it should be—but I need to be able to grab a pen, dial my desk phone and reach for my smoothie. Does the desk have lighting options?
  1. I love my flat keyboard from home and I don’t really want to touch the mouse everyone else has been touching all day. What will it take to plug them in?
  1. My cellphone needs to stay charged and on-hand all day. Do I need yet another cable?
  1. What about my coffee? I’ve been known to spill it on my keyboard.

If the answer to your question isn’t here, reach out!

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