When to Consider Updating Your Control Room Consoles (Don't Let Them Go To The Dinosaurs)

Posted by Megan Yartz on Jun 29, 2018 2:42:34 PM


http://www.jurassicworld.com/videos/tension-control-roomEver feel like you are stuck in a scene from The Twilight Zone or Jurassic Park while working a 12-hour shift? Everything is evolving and changing around you, yet somehow you are still stuck behind this massive, uncomfortable, and archaic platform called a control room console.

The Archaic Aches & Pains of Outdated Consoles

Anyone stuck using outdated consoles understands the pains that come along with doing so. The scenarios are all the same.

When something goes wrong and you need an IT member’s help, they can't seem to locate the right cord. This interrupts your productivity. Next, they have you step away from your desk so they can use a flashlight and navigate the rats nest of cables to find the right one.

Oh or there's this one. On the 9th hour of your shift, you’re trying to stay focused and ward off the fatigue, so naturally, you stand up to stretch your legs. When you start to look around the room, you experience neck and back pain and realize you have blurry vision because your eyes haven’t focused on anything but your monitor for the last 9 hours. To top it off, you also have a mammoth-sized headache and it's only growing.

All of these aches, pains, and inconveniences leave you concerned about the damage being done to your health.

There IS a Better Console Out There

If your current consoles are leaving you and your team with any of these grievances, it’s time to step out of the past and into something better. 

What if there was a world where fighting with Bob over the perfect room temperature is extinct, furniture can bear the weight of a dinosaur (actually, only 350 pounds per surface, please), and Tim from IT can go about his business swapping keyboards, mice, and monitors without a giant roar (or flashlight)?

Would you believe me if I told you that ginormous strain in your neck and uncomfortable pain from carpal tunnel syndrome could be alleviated with the proper ergonomic console?

It's Time to Join the Modern World

A better way of life does exist, and if you feel it's time for those dinosaur consoles to expire, then its time to upgrade to modern consoles. Go ahead and step on out to the wild side, and leave your rickety furniture in the archaic times where it belongs!

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