Wait! Don't Waste Those EOY Fiscal Funds - 5 Ways to Update Your PSAP

Posted by Halley Barba on Sep 18, 2019 10:30:05 AM


happy new ... fiscal year?
Okay, it’s a little premature for that… but, with the end of the fiscal year coming for many states, you might be one of those lucky agencies that has some extra cash laying around. How can you spend that money wisely and show a return on investment for your people and your agency? We'll tell you how; updates, accessories and face-lifts for your consoles and PSAP. 

  1. Xybix's MyClimate Personal Environmental ControlsACCESSORY ADD-ONS: Maybe you purchased your Xybix consoles several years ago when money was tight and now you are ready to load up on some bells and whistles. Consider adding Xybix's MyClimate personal environment system which will provide your dispatchers with heating and cooling to keep them comfortable at work. You can also add status indicator lights which can alert your team to when you are on a call or can’t be disturbed. We even offer a USB charging shelf that will keep your dispatcher’s phones off the console and away from critical equipment. All of these accessories can be added to your current Xybix consoles!

  2. Xybix TreadmillDeskTREADMILLS AND BIKES: This is a popular add-on. It’s a fact that dispatchers sit through very long shifts. Why not keep them moving and motivated with treadmills or bikes for their console? Xybix offers treadmills and bikes that can slide under almost any console. They are a great way to kick start that 2020 New Years resolutions at work!

  3. Xybix Office FurnitureOFFICE FURNITURE: Did you know Xybix also does office furniture too? We have sit-to-stand options for offices. Our office line offers the same beautiful finishes and features as our dispatch consoles, but with a lot less equipment needs and a smaller price tag. Don’t forget all of the custom storage options, like file cabinets, cubbies, lockers and more that Xybix offers to keep your desk area clean and organized! 

  4. Xybix Acoustic PanelsCONSOLE FACE-LIFT: Are your panel tiles in need of an update or is the color cramping your style? Xybix can replace your existing panel tiles with new colors and finishes to help create an updated vibe for your comm center. Ask about upgrading to laminate panel tiles for easy cleaning and a modern look!

  5. Xybix Storage LockersSTORAGE, STORAGE, AND MORE STORAGE: Xybix’s storage options are endless and provide a perfectly matching solution for organizing your PSAP. From lockers to lateral file drawers, to bookshelves and even rotating resource guides, we can customize your storage needs to match your current consoles and keep things looking sharp in your PSAP!

These solutions are a quicker and lower cost options to a complete upgrade and can be  helpful if you are looking to maximize your left-over budget money at the end of the fiscal year! Your local Xybix rep can help with which solutions might be best for your PSAP based on any budget you're working with!


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