The Evolution of Digital Imaging Furniture

Posted by Mike Graham on Jan 25, 2023 10:21:57 AM



What is the difference between various imaging desks? And how have they evolved to become innovative technology today? 

My name is Mike Graham, and I'm the Director of Key Healthcare Accounts with Xybix. I’d like to take you on a journey of ergonomic imaging furniture over the last 2 ½ decades. The evolution can somewhat be compared to the telephone. Starting with the rotary desk phone and evolving into the latest and greatest iPhone. 


I began my healthcare sales career in 1997 with a company called Anthro, as their Healthcare Sales Manager. The owners wanted me to find a new furniture profit center in the healthcare arena. After some digging I found that PACS “Picture Archive Communication System” was a new field within Radiology Departments. Instead of the old analog films radiologists hung on their alternators to view the images in a standing position, they could now sit at a desk and view the images digitally. However, that was leading to muscular skeletal injuries from sitting for long periods of time. As a result, Anthro designed a height adjustable desk, which eventually in around 2002 evolved into the Carl’s Table named after the inventor from Sweden. Anthro also had a more basic imaging desk call Steve’s Station for those with a smaller budget. 

Below is a picture of me sitting at the first Carl’s Table: 


The first decade into the 2000’s, the Carl’s Table was the latest and greatest next to sliced bread. It was a big hit at RSNA and most radiologists today would still recognize the name “Carl’s Table”.  

In 2015 it was my pleasure to accept a new position at a high technology-driven company called Xybix Systems. Soon after my move to Xybix, Anthro was sold to Ergotron and the Carl’s Table was no longer a priority of sale.  With Anthro no longer in business, both Carl’s Table and Steve’s Station were soon discontinued. 

A company called Double Black acquired the remaining inventory of Carl’s Table and Steve’s Station parts and components. They resold them for a while, however,they recently announced they will no longer be available. Instead, they suggest you contact their sales specialists to inquire about their newer imaging desks.A quick look at the Double Black websiteshowcases a series of imaging desks similar to the basic Carl’s Table and Steve’s Stations I was selling back in 2005. 


In today’s age of advanced technology, the innovation of Carl’s table in 2002 is no longer innovative. Think of the rotary phone: old technology. Today, everyone wants the latest smartphone; or if you are a radiologist the newest imaging desk tech on the market. 

Xybix focuses its development of ergonomic imaging desks around the user; for health, productivity, and comfort. Our newest creation, the AXYS control system, allows users to adjust lighting, desk heights, and heating/cooling with a single click in the software.   


ANSI-HFEF 100 guidelinesare the ergonomic authority for the optimum standards for ergonomic “sit-to-stand” imaging desks of which Carl’s Table and Steve’s Station do not meet; however, Xybix imaging desks with AXYS meet and in some cases exceed the standards set by ANSI-HFES 100. 

Below are the main standards an imaging desk needs to meet ANSI-HFES 100 standards: 

  •   The worksurfaces shall move from 22” to 46.5”, which will accommodate the 95% tallest standing individual to the 5% shortest seated individual. Please note below the Xybix imaging desk’s worksurfaces move from 22” to 48”, which exceeds the ANSI-HFES 100 standards. Conversely the Carl’s Table surface only moves from 30”-49.5”, which will not accommodate the ANSI-HFES-100 standards. Steve’s Station also didn’t meet the ANSI-HFES 100 standards.

  • The monitor viewing distance needs to be at least 19.685” from monitor to user, Xybix noted below is capable of 19”-30” via our patented RollerVisionTM system.

  • The viewing angle needs to be vertical +/-30 degrees, Xybix noted below is 15 -60 degrees with the ideal 15-25 degrees which exceeds ANSI-HFES 100 standards. The distance between the lowest keyboard surface and the highest monitor surface of Xybix Systems imaging desk is 26”. The single surface Steve’s Station and Carl’s Table aren’t even close to that available distance. This demonstrates why Xybix imaging desks with AXYS greatly exceed ANSI-HFES 100 standards, while Carl’s Table or Steve’s Station don’t even come close.


  • The reach to make typical work adjustments need to be within the green zone, all of which are on Xybix Systems imaging desks. Ancillary movements are in the secondary reach zone which is red in this diagram. Our AXYS system allows all movements to be in the green zone.



Now let’s talk a little about some of the features and services Xybix Systems imaging desks have that the Carl’s Table, Steve’s Station and Double Black’s latest and greatest don’t even come close to having:

GreenCheck  10 Year parts and labor Warranty
GreenCheck  The AXYS control system that controls all of the following located at your fingertips via your smartphone, tablet, or computer:

  • Desktop height adjustments capable of accommodating the 95th percentile tallest individual to the 5th percentile shortest seated individual 
  • True dual-surface desks where both the keyboard and monitor surfaces can move from 22” to 48”. 
  • Patented RollerVisionTM monitor arc height adjustments 
  • Monitor surfaces that accommodate more than 68 1/2 linear inches of monitor, including multiple Barco 30" displays 
  • Task lighting with brightness adjustments 
  • Bias lighting that allows you to configure both the color and brightness 
  • Acrylic panels that allow you to configure both the color and brightness 
  • Ambient lights that allow you to configure both the color and brightness 
  • Heating and cooling (with adjustable fan speeds) 
  • Additional features (like calorie/fitness tracking) 

GreenCheck  24/7 Live Customer Service Department
GreenCheck  Patented RollerVisionTM to adjust all monitor focal depth at a time up to 10”
GreenCheck  Professional installation via Xybix Systems employees

Now let’s look at pictures of a typical Xybix Imaging Desk, vs Carl’s Table, Steve’s Station, Double Black’s latest models:

1. A Xybix Systems Imaging Desk with AXYS

2. Carl's Table


3. Steve's Station


4. The Double Black Phoenix II Imaging Desk



In regards to pricing of the desks, we can find pricing details at: 

  1. Xybix Pricing 
  1. Carl's Table CT15 page at Sadiq Technologies 
  1. Double Black's pricing is unavailable on their website. They suggest contacting one of their sales representatives for information.They do have product specification information available. 

You be the judge. You can purchase a desk with turn-of-the-century technology or you can select the type of technology that we've come to expect in 2023. 

Thanks for reading – feel free to reach out to me with any comments or questions! 


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