Shocking News for Anthro Ergotron Carl's Table and Steve's Station Users!

Posted by Mike Graham on Jan 4, 2019 5:05:40 PM


Shocking - Anthro Ergotron discontinue imaging and radiology productsImportant news! Have you heard?

Anthro is discontinuing the manufacture
and sale of its imaging and radiology products.
 After December 31st Ergotron Anthro will no longer accept orders for Carl's Tables and Steve's Station.

Here is the letter that you may have received. To view it in it's entirety, click here


Back in 2005 Carl’s Table was the latest and greatest; however, now it is old technology. Many tables are being abandoned in place and are stuck in position as the electronics are failing. Since you can no longer purchase or service Carl’s Tables or Steve’s Stations after December 31st 2018; what will you do with a 350 lb. plus Carl’s Table or a failing Steve’s Station after your warranty runs out? How do you dispose of your 350 lb. plus table? Who do you call to replace your Carl’s Tables or Steve’s Stations?

These are great questions!

Xybix Systems wants to make this transition easy.

  • Xybix has new ergonomic sit-stand desks ready to upgrade you from your existing end-of-life equipment.
  • You're covered with a 3-year parts and labor warranty.
  • Professional room design if needed, at no charge.
  • Experienced removal of Carl’s Table and Steve’s Station (**required installation of Xybix stations.)
  • Upfront pricing quote that is good for one year so you can secure funding for the next budget cycle.

The healthcare market and specifically the radiology market is core to the Xybix business model. We have been specializing for radiology since 2006. You can count on us for many more years of great service and great product.

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