RSNA 2018: Will You Be Looking At Imaging Desks?

Posted by Mike Graham on Nov 14, 2018 2:22:18 PM


Looking at Imaging Furniture?Will you be looking at imaging desks at RSNAIf the answer to that question is yes, I recommend looking at all the major manufacturers, asking some appropriate questions and looking for some key differentiating features.

To ensure the best ROI and include all the ergonomic features you and your colleagues require, you'll need to be an educated buyer.

The four major imaging desk manufacturers will be at RSNA this year and their booth numbers are:

  • Xybix Systems Inc. North #7108
  • RedRick Technologies Inc. North #8100
  • AFC Industries Inc. South #1702
  • Biomorph Radiology Furniture North #7108

Here are 10 Questions to ask the manufacturers at RSNA:

  1. Are your imaging desks manufactured in the USA?
  2. Does your warranty include parts and labor?
  3. Do you provide professional installation?
  4. Is the sit-stand height adjustment adequate for 6’ 8” Radiologists, as well as 4’ 8” Radiologists, thus reducing muscular skeletal injuries?
  5. Do you offer dual surface desks with both the keyboard and monitor surfaces capable of moving vertically independently to ensure your monitors, keyboards, mice, microphone, and telephone are within proper ergonomic reach zones? 
  6. Does your monitor adjustment provide for focal depth of all the monitors to move forward and back at the same time reducing eye strain?
  7. Do you have a professional design team that can offer room layout planning with workflow at no cost?
  8. Can your imaging desks accommodate multiple modalities (i.e. up to 6 or 8 monitors)?
  9. Do you have an 800 customer service number connecting to a live person 24/7?
  10. Do you sell direct to the customer removing middleman profits?

This year at RSNA you can easily shop for sit-stand imaging desks as you would when looking for your new car, since all the major furniture manufacturers are centrally located near the entrances to both the North and South Halls.

Seeing is believing, so please visit all four booths and be the judge for yourself.

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