Protect Your Comm Center Against the Spread of Germs

Posted by A Previous Xybix Employee on May 18, 2015 12:03:56 PM


DirtyKeyboardAs a Communications Supervisor, I often wonder how we can better protect ourselves from the germs, common cold and flu type symptoms, we all bring into the comm center on a daily basis. In my own center and in many of the centers I visit, I notice air purifiers, hand wipes and hand sanitizers sitting throughout the workplace.

Germs are everywhere in a comm center and as dispatchers, we work 10, 12 and sometimes 14 hour shifts. Now with sick calls and short staffing in many centers, we find ourselves running to the break room to heat up our lunch or dinner. We then return to our beautiful dining room table, also known as our workstation. After we enjoy our freshly microwaved meal, often we leave little food particles on the work surface and sometimes between the keys of our keyboard. Ewwww! Have you ever logged on and tipped your keyboard over just to see what falls out of it? (sunflower seeds, crumbs, hair and more) These nasty surprises wouldn’t be a problem if you had your own personal workstation or maybe your own personal keyboard correct? 

Recently, Antimicrobial work surfaces have become an option to add to your workstation. And while they don't stop all the nasty food particles lurking on your workstation, the silver ion infused work surfaces do protect against the growth of bacteria and germs.

Now you’re probably thinking…'what about my keyboard?' Well, why not allow each dispatcher to have their own personal keyboard? Your typical, run-of-the-mill keyboard usually costs between $15-25. Consider this, what if there were a worksturface flip open USB data port that would allow a dispatcher to simply plug and unplug thier own, personal keyboard? No longer would I.T. have to crawl under a workstation to change out a keyboard or mouse. 

Say goodbye germs!


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