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Posted by Gail Gerlesits on Feb 16, 2017 9:43:16 AM


SmartGrid.pngSmart Grid is on everyone’s mind in the utilities industry. How do we make the grid more reliable, safe, and efficient? It may seem like a new term yet it has been in the making for over 10 years. In 2007 Congress passed and the President approved the EISA (Title XIII of the Energy Independence and Security Act). This gave leadership to the Department of Energy to drive grid modernization. So, what is a smart grid? Some definitions are:

  • Smart grid” generally refers to a class of technology people are using to bring utility electricity delivery systems into the 21st century, using computer-based remote control and automation.
  • A "smart grid" is an electrical grid which includes a variety of operational and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficiency resources.
  • Worth the view! 71-second video explains it very simply and effectively:

For over 100 years, people out in the field have had to do the work. Such as, figure out what is the cause of an outage (equipment failure, down trees, etc.), read meters or measure voltage. What makes a smart grid? Of course, many things are needed. The essential components are:

  1. People – All the initiatives cannot bring it to life, the people do.
  2. Innovation – Technology advances are being implemented. How it will impact us fully, remains to be seen.
  3. Communication – Ability for a two-way dialog with the transmission lines leads to greater efficiency and less power outages.

How can you keep your people healthy? The same essential components are needed as a smart grid:

  1. People – Operators need to be comfortable, able to focus and move around.
  2. Innovation – Providing technology advances to help the operators perform at their best.
  3. Communication – Supervisors, Center Managers, and the Executive Team can ensure that operators have a voice in sharing what they need to achieve top performance.

Keeping your people healthy and happy is important in preventing turnover, injury and burnout. What is important to your people?

  • Help stop the headaches, neck pain and vision issues. A focal distance movable platform can give 10" of control to the user. Helping to ensure their monitors are at the correct distance and height they need.
  • Is Bill too cold and Rick too hot? How can you appease everyone? Personal climate controls provide the ability create just the perfect space.
  • How about Brenda (4’ 11”) and Mike at (6’6”)? How can you help them both work at the same desk and be able to sit or stand? Height-adjustable desks that follow the ANSI/HFES ergonomic standards give your people the flexibility that fits them.

Smart grid technology means people, innovation and communication connect. Keeping your people healthy and at their best is essential in keeping connected. Do your part and invest in your people.

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