How Much Does a Telemetry Desk Cost?

Posted by Gail Gerlesits on Mar 27, 2020 3:13:29 PM



Telemetry labs, aka continuous monitoring labs, help overburdened medical staff spend time on face-to-face patient care.

Even before COVID-19 took a stranglehold on U.S. medical resources, many hospitals and healthcare facilities recognized the benefits of having an on-site (or off-site) continuous monitoring lab.

So, what is a Continuous Monitoring Lab?

Continuous monitoring labs, aka telemetry labs, are remote labs in which trained medical personnel conduct real-time monitoring of patient vital signs, including (ECG) readings, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. Relieving nurses of this burden, which they have traditionally performed during their daily rounds, lets them spend more quality time on face-to-face care—helping to improve the level of patient care and reduce nurse burnout.  

As the need for continuous monitoring grows, along with the sheer number of patients that nurses must care for, so too goes the demand for well-designed telemetry labs that deliver comfort, productivity, and long-term return on investment in your healthcare organization.

So how much does it cost to procure a telemetry desk that will support your patient care team while they do the mission-critical work of saving lives? Read on for answers to this and your other cost questions surrounding telemetry workstations.

How much does a telemetry desk cost?

The cost of a telemetry workstation depends on many factors, including the number of monitors per desk, the layout and size of your telemetry lab, supplemental lighting needs, and climate control. We've provided three price ranges here to give you a head start on budgeting:

BASIC Telemetry Desk:  $8,000-$10,999

The BASIC version of a new telemetry desk includes:

  • Dual-surface height adjustment
  • Engineered for 24/7 use and 15-20 year lifespan
  • Computer hangers
  • Monitor extension cables
  • Focal depth adjustment system for monitors
  • USB connection trough for easy keyboard, mice connection
  • Full-service interior design and layout

MID-LEVEL Telemetry Desk: $11,000-$13,999

The MID-LEVEL version of a new telemetry workstation includes everything in the BASIC level, plus accessory options like:

  • Personal climate control heaters
  • A cooling fan at the desk
  • Bias lighting
  • LED task lighting
  • Premium cable management

TOP-LEVEL Telemetry Desk: $14,000-$16,999

TOP-LEVEL includes everything in the MID-LEVEL price range, plus:

  • Side work surfaces
  • Paperwork storage pedestal
  • Premium acoustical panel system
  • Status Indicator Lighting system

What are some key considerations when buying a telemetry workstation?

Installing a new telemetry lab isn’t just about price—it’s about value. To get the best ROI, and support good morale, consider these key points in your furniture purchase:

  • Does your company of choice provide full-service design? Professional space planning with a focus on circulation and ADA compliance is key to your success.
  • Is this a new build or a remodel? The answer will determine your need for a live cutover. 
  • Have the ergonomic needs of your clinical team been assessed for any health issues or technical requirements that will impact telemetry lab design?
  • Has your IT department weighed in regarding the changing monitor and CPU configurations?

To make the right long-term, future-proof investment in telemetry lab furniture, consider the unique needs of all employees involved. Listen carefully to the needs of your desk users/patient care team, as well as your departments for IT, administration, and procurement. 

What’s included in my telemetry desk quote? 

At a minimum, your price quote from any healthcare furniture vendor should include:

  • Complimentary consult and design
  • An itemized list with both “list price” and discounted pricing
  • Payment terms and early-pay discounts
  • Freight
  • Installation and labor
  • Warranty

Buyer beware: Carefully review your price quote for hidden fees and over-priced warranty plans.

How long will it take for installation of my new telemetry workstations?

The time from when you submit your purchase order to receipt and installation of your telemetry lab furniture is typically about eight weeks, from start to finish. This time frame can vary based on whether your telemetry lab is a new- construction project or will require installation during a live cutover.

The Bottom Line about Pricing Telemetry Desks

With the lightning-fast evolution of artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and medical science, the only constant will be change when it comes to building new, innovative telemetry labs in the healthcare setting. Get your lab design off to the best start by choosing quality,  future-proof workstations that will last 15-20 years 

Have questions about telemetry lab furniture and space planning? Contact us today! 

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