How Do You Justify Purchasing New Consoles for Your People?

Posted by Gail Gerlesits on Nov 1, 2017 3:20:00 PM


Purchase.gifMaybe you just started in your new role, or maybe you have been with the same company for a long time. Either way, when it’s time to update the command and control center, it’s time. You know it, and your operators also know it. Providing a comfortable, ergonomic environment for your people is the right thing to do. 

It’s important to start with your mindset. Is the purchase of new consoles a cost or an investment? If it is a cost, that will be tricky to justify. I can just hear management say that they already have desks that work, so why would they spend money on that? Instead, try to think of it of as an investment for your people. A more comfortable environment improves the health and performance of your team, which can surely lead to a ROI.

If you’re advocating that new consoles or workstations are an investment for your people, here are some important factors that will help make your case:

Your Team’s Health

Is Steve dealing with neck issues? Is Jane having to get cortisone shots? Is Tom’s arm numb halfway through his shift?

These are real issues I have heard. Now it's your turn to compile all the health issues and gripes of those individuals at your center. Everyone knows that “sitting is the new smoking,” and we are sitting more than ever. InMovement published a study that offers undeniable, clear evidence from credible sources on the impact sitting has on our health. It covers everything from diabetes to heart problems. Utilize this study for your case on the health issues at hand. If health issues are not a big deal now, they could be later on.

How the Console Performs

Over the years, you have had to add monitors, CPUs, and software to keep up with the changes in technology. This can make the workstation look like a house that has added an extra room here or there without ever considering scale, style or ergonomics.

How can your people reach peak performance when their workstations don’t give them the proper space to work with, and they also don’t provide the capability to adapt to the necessary technology? New, updated workstations will provide the ergonomics your people need.

Your Research

Check into credible 24/7 manufacturers. They should ask thorough questions about what your technological needs are and what will best serve your people. Drawings and renderings should only be made for you after these important matters have been discussed.

Take the time to look for the right solution and find a solid warranty. Seek out a company that will take you through the entire process from start to installation, and ensure the company will also serve your needs after the deal is done. This will help you find a reliable manufacturer.  


Now let’s get to the numbers. The new consoles are state-of-the-art. They will take care of your people’s health and help improve workplace performance. They also are built to last.

It’s no secret that 24/7 mission-critical workstations are not cheap; they can’t be. They need to withstand 24/7 use, adjust up and down to fulfill the preferences and needs of each operator (e.g., Mary who is 4’11” and Dan who is 6’ 2”), hold 3-12 monitors, handle all of your CPUs and electronics, and last about 15 years.

Because the workstations put up with so much wear and tear, it’s imperative that they are built well. If you buy regular office furniture, you will get approximately 4.7 years of longevity compared to the 15 years you will get from a 24/7 workstation.

When you look at these numbers, there is no comparison. You will end up saving money by not having to replace the workstations as often all while providing healthier options that will help your people perform better. Also, remember that checking into contract agreements that are available will help ensure you are obtaining a terrific value.

Your Conviction

When approaching management about purchasing new workstations, you need to be prepared with all of the proper documentation that supports your stance. This includes:

  • The health issues (including the studies that back your claims)
  • The performance and ROI discussions
  • The warranty of the product
  • The drawings/renderings
  • The quote for the new consoles

The more that you genuinely believe that this investment is what’s best for all parties involved, the stronger your case will be. Proudly share this information, and know that fighting for better consoles is for the good of your people and your company. Be proud of yourself for taking these steps, as it is the right thing to do.

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