Eye Strain for Radiologists: Bias Lighting Could Be The Solution

Posted by Kristen Nielsen on May 16, 2019 11:55:29 AM


shifty eyes GIF by Gabo LaraHealthcare professionals are the ones everyone turns to for life’s ailments, but this doesn’t make them immune to their own health risks. 

With the advancements in technology and reading, radiologists have found themselves confined to long hours behind a desk and in front of computer screens. With this shift comes various visual and musculoskeletal problems that are related to excessive computer use.

One of the top concerns of radiologists is eye strain. Traditional ceiling lighting in a room projects light onto the viewing surface or monitors. This decreases contrast, while introducing glare and haze to the image, creating eye strain as your eyes try and focus on the screen as a result.

What if an ergonomically correct desk could help minimize these long-term health concerns? Listed below are a few must have features to help reduce eye strain.

Bias lighting

Lighting is placed behind the monitors, allowing for an indirect light source without the negative effects of bright overhead lighting. Not only will bias lighting help save your eyes from strain, but it can make the images on the screen(s) look brighter and more clear. Bias lighting should be dimmable to allow for adjustments throughout the day.

Task lighting

Small lights are placed directly above the keyboard work surface to allow for additional reading light, without adding any additional eye strain. Ensure these lights are dimmable and have an on/off feature as well.

Adjustable monitors

Being able to move your monitors both forwards and backwards is crucial for focal depth adjustment. Sometimes the monitors may need to be closer for better viewing, or as the day goes on, having a closer view can help to ensure accuracy. Look for at least 10” of focal depth adjustment. 10” is the minimal ergonomic adjustment as dictated by the most recent ergonomic guidelines to reduce eye strain and prevent additional musculoskeletal injuries.

Don’t get blinded by the light. Ensure all these essential features are considered to protect yourself against eye strain and other future health risks.

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