Got Funding? Make your Health Insurance Work for YOU!

Posted by A Previous Xybix Employee on Nov 13, 2015 4:58:58 PM


We all know that funding for even the smallest of items can feel like it takes an act of Congress or the signatures of our Four Fathers. And, we all know that keeping employees motivated and positive is an additional struggle. So when you try and do something to boost morale, such as introduce health accessories (i.e. a treadmill or bike) into the workplace, it can often feel like you’re met with road block after road block. Fortunately, there may be a solution out there that can help curb the funding hurdle.

Health Insurance Wellness Programs! Most insurance providers these days, are offering wellness programs and incentives to help reduce the overall cost of insurance. The more healthy your group, the lower your premiums. So, why not access those funds to purchase a health bike or treadmill? Talk about morale boost!

With the many changes in health insurance over the past several years, policies have reshaped how we get healthy. Several offer free gym memberships anywhere in your town (sounds like a myth but it’s true!); most folks just don’t know how to take advantage of the benefits. Furthermore, these wellness programs have a pool of money that is available for groups at their disposal – most of us just don’t know it!

Wondering how to pull off a Christmas surprise for your dispatchers? Your group should have a wellness coordinator or representative from the insurance company. If you have a solid HR department, ask them to get in touch with your insurance representative about utilizing the wellness benefits that may be available to you and your team. I have heard of some wellness programs that have upwards of $60,000 in wellness funds available, per year! Can you imagine the incentives you could provide your people with that kind of change? And it’s a no questions asked fund! As long as it’s being used towards the wellness of your team, insurance companies are happy to write that check!

Take a look into the future, there is a potential for this type of funding to be used towards not only health accessories, but also towards the purchase of ergonomic furniture. Ergonomics and the benefits of having a healthy work life are all a buzz right now. And with healthcare costs only increasing, why not take advantage of what you’re already paying for? All you have to do is ASK!

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