Getting Creative About Ergnomics in the 911 Comm Center

Posted by Kathleen Utley on Nov 27, 2013 10:01:00 AM
Kathleen Utley
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TeamworkWhen you think of the brand name "Coca Cola" chances are ergonomics isn't the first thing that comes to mind! You are more likely to think of popping a can of soda on a hot summer's day then the commitment the company has to healthy habits in its workforce. In reality, Coca Cola has been leading the way in ergonomics, with a corporate ergonomist on staff responsible for promoting healthy habits company wide, ergonomics is top-of-mind for the company.

Ergonomics for 911 dispatchers is nothing new, but, beign creative about it - that is NEW! Ask yourslef, "how can we get creative about ergonomics in our 911 comm center?" Here's how Coca Cola did it.

Recently, Coca Cola won the Find It-Fix It Challenge sponsored by the ergonomics company Humantech, Inc. The goal of the challenge was simple: find a problem within your company that is affecting the workplace in a negative way, and fix it! Turns out the agricultural workers of the company found a great solution to an anti-ergonomic practice that forced them into a bent posture for 10 minutes around 10 times each day as they off-loaded fruit from the trucks. 

Many ergonomic issues do not need an expensive solution to fix the problem. For the workers at Coca Cola it was building a tool using a spare piece of pipe that the company already had on hand. If your employees are complaining of uncomfortable chairs, neck pain, or back pain during the work day, then come up with a creative solution that keeps you within budget and on track for compliance.

Bobbie Watts, corporate ergonomist with Coca-Cola Refreshments, said the following of her team:

The employee teams never cease to amaze me by their ingenuity and creativity...Not only did the Odwalla team demonstrate a creative way to address risks, they showed a palpable level of excitement with the project. Coca-Cola Refreshments' commitment to continuously improve our jobs is a result of the employees' excitement about ergonomics.

You may not be Coca Cola, and you also don't need to hire a company ergonomist to promote healthy habits at work and correct ergonomics for 911 dispatchers. Pool the creative minds at your workplace and host your own version of the challenge. 

Encouraging excitement about your 911 comm centers ergonomics initiatives is a great place to begin. Create plenty of space for your workforce to work together and watch as creative juices start to flow and promote a healthier work environment.

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