Food for Thought in 2016 from a Xybix Foodie

Posted by Heather Brown on Jan 29, 2016 8:44:12 AM


food.jpgThe struggle is real to eat healthy! This is especially true now that I've made my 2016 New Year's Resolutions, and intend on keeping them. I like comfort food that will not land on my rump! So I started to think of a few healthy ways that I am eating right for the new year. Being a foodie at heart and coming from the food industry prior to Xybix, I thought I could share a few dishes I enjoy and hope you will too:

Sides Items
Brussels sprouts tossed in extra-virgin olive oil. This dishes so simple! Clean the brussels sprouts, cut them in half, toss them in extra-virgin olive oil then top with fresh ground pepper and salt. Bake at 400° for about 20 minutes or until tender. (Side note - The leaves that separate from the head of the Brussel sprout, keep them. Try tossing them in extra-virgin olive oil and throw them in the oven along with the halves. These will turn into crispy yumminess!!!!!)

Serve this side dish with your favorite protein. I suggest roasted chicken thighs!!

Just a Snack

Looking for a delicious snack or lunch option? Look no further! This inspiration came from Starbucks! But, you can do it yourself for much less money!

  • 1 hardboiled egg
  • A hand full (10-12) grapes
  • 4 apple slices
  • String cheese
  • Pretzel crisps (a hand full)
  • 2oz peanut butter

Trust me! This is super delicious and very healthy!!

Grab and Go 

Protein Bars: You see them in the store. With all the varieties being offered, it can be more than overwhelming. So here are two of my favorites that are well worth a try:

  1. Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars- Fudge Graham - This bar is so yummy you will want to eat two. (Don't do it, you will regret it!)
  2. PowerBar Energy Bar - Triple Threat Caramel Peanut Fusion - Tastes like a Snickers Bar!!! (Yum)

So, go ahead, grab a pen and paper, start jotting down some things you'd like to keep in your healthy eating rolodex for 2016. If you get a good list going from your friends, family and co-workers, you'll have a great place to fall back on when that comfort food craving comes a knocking!

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