Be Picky About Your Telemetry Lab - Opt for Sit to Stand Desks

Posted by Mike Graham on Jul 6, 2016 10:04:08 AM


Telemetry.jpgAs you know Hospitals are transitioning from monitoring patients vital signs at the nurse’s station to remote rooms in specialized labs within their hospital.  In Telemetry Labs several Technicians sit remotely at desks monitoring anywhere from 6-8 monitors viewing the vital signs of patients.  In the event a patient’s vital signs move out of an acceptable range the Technician contacts the nurse’s station.

Telemetry Lab Technicians are often watching monitors that are residing on non-height adjustable mill work desks or heavy duty benches that are extremely non-ergonomic. This often results in Technician complaints of discomfort and in some cases muscular skeletal injuries.

The difficulty for a Lab Managers or Project Manager might be finding a sit to stand desk that can move the full 22” to 50” and can accommodate copious amounts of equipment weighing 200-300lbs. After doing what most of us do and Googling "Telemetry Desks or Telemetry Furniture" you'll find a variety of stationary desks or carts. Why is this? Because most sit to stand desk manufacturers will have a problem lifting much over 150 lbs.

A Telemetry Lab Desks google image search will reveal typical non-height adjustable, non-ergonomic desks as pictured here:     


And now I'd like to draw your attention to below, which is a fully height adjustable, sit to stand ergonomic desk capable of not only holding 200-300lbs but lifting 350 lbs. from 22” to 50” to accommodate a variety of users.


Sit to stand desks are becoming very popular in the Healthcare arena because of the concept that “Sitting is the New Smoking” so why not in Telemetry Labs? If you are a Lab Managers or Project Manager look no further then a sit to stand, height ajustable ergonomic sit to stand desk for your next remodel or update. 

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