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What You Can Expect From Your Initial Xybix Site Visit

Posted by Previous Xybix Employee on Oct 27, 2014 3:51:46 PM


Initial Site Visit

Plan on about an hour to hour and half for the initial site visit. It’s helpful to have all the necessary players involved so that initial issues can be brought to the table and questions and concerns can be addressed. This would include Comm Center Director, Manager or Supervisor, Architect (if necessary), IT Manager, etc.

Frequently asked questions during the initial site visit include:

  • What’s changing? (Are you building a new building? Are you consolidating or expanding?)
  • What equipment do you have or will you have?
  • What are your needs and wants?
  • What kind of time frame did you have in mind?

Initially, a tour of your existing center is helpful to see what you’re current situation is. Then, I’ll have you describe to me what your current problems and pains (acoustics, ergonomics, CPU storage, etc.) are.

Then typically a presentation of our products and offerings will be given for all those present.

The visual presentation will usually include topics such as:

Before or after the presentation a measurement of the room will be taken or architect AutoCAD specs of the room will be gathered. An accurate equiptment list will also be taken. This may change if you have a new building, or a new radio system on the horizon.

The meeting usually ends with me asking and answering any additional questions with regards to your project. 

The Next Steps

After the initial meeting and site visit, the information, equipment lists and room design is then sent to Xybix’s interior designers. Within about 2 weeks, an initial design and layout will be drafted. At this point a follow up will be made to see if there are any changes or additions to your project. This follow up may include a meeting with your project’s designer to make any additional changes, which can be made real time through an online conference meeting.

Xybix’s typical lead times are about 8 weeks from date of PO to install.  This allows for the purchase of materials, production and shipping.

We like to advise to plan on about a year or two year depending on how complicated your project is and what additions and changes are going to be made. As with everything involving government it takes a little longer. You can take advantage of this time to create a complete and proper plan for the actual project.

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