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I started at Xybix at the end of 2013, after working in durable goods manufacturing for six years. Prior to that, I attended the University of Colorado as an undergrad and the Colorado School of Mines as grad student; completing both degrees in Mechanical Engineering. In between all that, I also managed to find time to pass the Colorado Professional Engineer exam.

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Fight Extra Holiday Fluff with These 10 Simple & Healthy Activites

Posted by Andy Reetz on Dec 21, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Fat-Santa.jpgNow that we’re in the mid-swing of the holiday season a lot of us are dreading stepping on the scale. But there’s some good news; according to Doctor Deborah Balfanz the average American gains only one pound over the holidays. That averages out to about 100 calories per day over a month long period.

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Topics: Health, Human Interest

Perk Up Your Energy by Adjusting Your Posture

Posted by Andy Reetz on May 27, 2015 1:00:00 PM

zzz..zz..zThere is a growing body of research that suggests your physical state affects your mental state. Dr. Erik Pepper at San Francisco State University has researched the relationship between posture and mood and has found significant results between posture and subjective energy. He found that “when people experience a lower subjective energy, they feel less capable of performing a task”. 

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Topics: Health, Ergonomics, Human Interest

Innovation in Focus: Xybix Adjustable Shelf Connector

Posted by Andy Reetz on Jan 22, 2015 4:39:47 PM

ShelfConnectorThere’s an ancient proverb that reads: “For want of a connector the shelf was lost. For want of a shelf the cabinet was lost. For want of a cabinet the workstation was lost. And all for the want of a shelf connector.” Or something like that.

Our customers who have received new bookshelves, storage or CPU cabinets in the past month may have noticed something a little different about their adjustable shelves. Our venerable locking shelf connector has been discontinued by the manufacturer, so we needed to find a new solution. There are dozens of fasteners we could have used, but we wanted something simple, reliable — and better.

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A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Your Height Adjustable Workstation

Posted by Andy Reetz on Feb 25, 2014 3:50:00 PM

XybixHeightAdjustableWorkstationsBy now, most of you have heard about the health risks of sitting for extended periods of time. A height adjustable workstation or desk will give you the most flexibility, because it allows you to move easily between sitting and standing. So, the next logical question you might ask is 'how do you know what height to adjust your desk to?' A standing desk won’t do a whole lot of good, if you’re hunched over the keyboard to type or craning your neck to read your email. When setting up a height adjustable workstation, there are two positions you want to consider; seated and standing. Both are specific to each individual who uses the workstation.

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Topics: Technical Furniture, Height Adjustable Workstations, Ergonomics, QUICK TIPS, Command Center Console Furniture, Call Center Furniture, Dispatch Consoles

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